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Tree Care in Warren, Michigan provides the highest quality of tree removal warren mi has ever seen!

Tree Removal in Warren MI is a very serious matter.

Since we reside in a densely wooded area (or what once was, and still somewhat is… it may be difficult to try and remove trees on account of:
  • power lines,
  • uncertainty of effects afterwards,
  • …and so on.  

Your concerns are valid and we take them seriously.

There are various tree that require care in Warren MI, and it is important for us to address them immediately so the complication you might be experiencing will not compound into whatever could be much worse than now.

Coniferous – The common pine cone can be found on these tree types.  Often noticed with thistle-like needles for what many presume to be leaves, the spores on the cones assist with reproduction and can pollinate in large amounts — breeding many more of these trees for years to come.  
Eastern Hemlock up to 100 feet tall
Maiden Tree Pine easily over 100 feet
Deodar as high as 40 feet
Lawson Cypress 148 feet
Hinoki Cypress at least 100 feet tall
Leyland Cypress range: 70-100 feet
Deciduous – The following trees can grow to standards well over the above coniferous counterparts, and often are found that way from years of being disregarded.  

If left untamed, these trees can grow to sizes that produce risk of falling on homes.  Additionally, if not correctly and safely removed, the soil surrounding it can literally become flooded.
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There are some trees in your area that consume copious amounts of water and support the habitability of one’s homeowner property.  If there are any hasty decisions about tree removal — in other words, if we are not consulted — the efforts could produce more damage than they are worth.  

To illustrate, imagine:  

  • Tree Removal of Maples
  •  Gum Trees
  • Tree Removal of Warren MI Birch
  • Dutch Elm (or companion box elder bugs — which there was a scare of several years ago in the area)
  • Weeping Willow (and the mess they cause, especially when attempting routine lawn care)
  • Tree Removal in Warren MI with Lombardy Poplar
  • Pin Oak
  • Removal of Green Ash Trees
  • Black Locust
  • And, of course, the Tree Removal Warren MI Yellow Poplar

CLICK-TO-CALL: 586-619-8508

We are good at what we do because we service Warren, MI with all of their tree care, tree removal, tree trimming, and stump grinding needs.  We do it in a fair and meaningful way, with a personal touch to ensure that you are comfortable with your needs being addressed in the most professional and courteous manner.  

Don’t hesitate to call the best Tree Care Company in Warren, MI.

You really don’t need to look any further.  We handle all cases, big and small, and assure you that we will clean up and leave no remainder after performing our due diligence and completing your project.  

Fill out the form below and contact Tree Care in Warren MI today for all of your Tree Removal Warren MI needs.

Satisfied Clients

” Handsdown the best Tree Serivce company in Warren.  My aunt lives there and she had a giant storm destroy a few trees in her large back yard.  She knows nothing about the internet and I take care of a lot of her needs, so I looked these guys up and they came out and took the trees out in less than a day for a pretty decent price, because I got some estimates from a few other companies.  Thanks! “

– Frank Hauser