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About The Trusted and Top Tree Service Provider North of Detroit… Tree Care in Warren MI

We, the team over at Tree Care in Warren MI has been around for a very long time.  And, in that very long time…

…we are happy to communicate the fact that we are devoted and dedicated to the citizens of Warren, Michigan and all other regions surrounding the northern, metro-Detroit region.
We aim to please — and our efforts have earned us the trust of the members of our communities and those abroad in and surrounding the industry at-large.   


Our referrals come to us because of those who know, like, and trust that when they call us, the job will get done…

  • Well
  • Right
  • Under Budget
  • and in a Punctual Manner.
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CLICK-TO-CALL: 586-619-8508

From humble beginnings and genuine on service delivery, now is your chance to prove — once and for all — that your family, friends, and neighbors are all in good hands. 

Whether it’s a need or a want, whether the tree needs to be salvaged or demolished and removed, we do it all!

We’re open to telling our story to news sources as they come. 

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Satisfied Clients

” Handsdown the best Tree Serivce company in Warren.  My aunt lives there and she had a giant storm destroy a few trees in her large back yard.  She knows nothing about the internet and I take care of a lot of her needs, so I looked these guys up and they came out and took the trees out in less than a day for a pretty decent price, because I got some estimates from a few other companies.  Thanks! “

– Frank Hauser