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Welcome to Tree Care in Warren MI!

We Are The Premiere Service Provider of Tree Care in Warren, Michigan

Tree Care in Warren MI happens to be the last stop you’ll need to make for all of your outdoor plants, trees, and shrubs needs,

We commit to tree service in the very manner that it should be provided — with the focus on caring for your needs and getting them done efficiently, correctly, and right the very first time!

If left untamed, they not only can bring decay, disease, infestation, dead branches, a lack of leaves and shade, and overall provide an unsightly atmosphere, they can provide unforeseen hazards to you, your property, your family, and your environment. 
We keep your home and/or business looking beautiful, neat, and safe.  Amongst our most strongest of assets:

Our Listening Skills! 

The way we have stayed in business for as long as we have is that we take our services one step further before, during, and long after your project: 

We Listen! 
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Great pride has been taken in giving that personal touch to every person we meet. 

As a result, tree care of warren mi has become a household name since we have been able to serve the people of our community and enrich their lives for the better. 

It is through this that our highly sought after service is asked for by name… and usually from repeat business and referrals. 

We deliver Quality Tree Service in Warren Mi…


We are the top tree care provider in your region, providing high quality, well-delivered services for our friends, family and neighbors. 

We’re talking about the best 
tree trimming in Warren Michigan and surrounding regions, including… 

Tree Cutting 
Tree Removal 
Stump Grinding 

…but that’s not all!

Trees found on your property are beautiful, delightful, provide shade for picnics and family events, and assist the ecosystem surrounding your home or business. 

Over time, for a variety of reasons, however, maintenance simply needs to be performed in order to continue capturing the radiance and majestic level of “AWESOME” your plot of land truly holds. 

Contact us at any time while you rest assured that our company will never wince at the size of a job; big or small, we’ve got you covered!  All portions of your grounds are eligible for the best tree care service in warren mi by our professional staff and team of contractors.

We’ve been around as long as we have because of our responsible, effective, and efficient…
  • Tree Removal in Warren Mi
  • Emergency Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Cutting in Warren Mi
  • Hedging
  • Crowning
  • Pruning
  • Shrub Removal
  • Evergreen Tree Care
  • Evergreen Shrub Removal
  • …and much, much more!

Quality Tree Removal in Warren MI 

  • Did a bad storm come through and knock a branch down on your roof?
  • Did it knock a whole tree down?
  • Do you live on a corner home and this is the next car that knocked over a tree?

These things happen in life.  Tragic as they could be, we cannot predict when these things will happen…

…but we can be prepared and stand ready to help!

People call us because they know the job will get done, and that’s the type of quality tree care service you can expect from us to deliver to you!

When we are called, you get the finest tree cutting service in Warren Michigan that your service needs call for.  We possess the equipment necessary to conquer the biggest of trees and the smallest of unusually shaped shrubs so we can remove them with ease and efficiency. 

With state of the art rigging and climbing tactics, techniques and procedures, combined with the most maneuverable equipment available for the tightest and smallest of quarters, we know your home will look magnificent after our services give that personal touch of care.

Click here to learn more about us and how we can help you address your tree service needs.

Satisfied Clients

” Handsdown the best Tree Serivce company in Warren.  My aunt lives there and she had a giant storm destroy a few trees in her large back yard.  She knows nothing about the internet and I take care of a lot of her needs, so I looked these guys up and they came out and took the trees out in less than a day for a pretty decent price, because I got some estimates from a few other companies.  Thanks! “

– Frank Hauser

Top Quality Tree Care in Warren MI 


The staff of our company are devoted to addressing your concerns and dedicated to exceeding all of your expectations. 

Sometimes it can be tough to do just that, since nature is just unpredictable.  Hazardous weather, winter ice, high winds, devastating storms…

These things aren’t predictable, but we can stand ready to protect your belongings and your loved ones in advance. 

Before these potentially devastating occurrences arrive and let us discuss with you how we can prepare your home to withstand the testing weather. 

These types of disasters can redress the untamed plants hanging over…
your home, your vehicles, and the road. 

If heavy branches were to break off, assuming the tree isn’t entirely removed from its gripping roots and knocked over, damage can still occur and produce a high risk and dangerous atmosphere.

Share with us your concerns and we can begin to address them.

Stump Grinding and Removal in Warren MI 

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to maintaining your land is how your plants can grow up healthy and strong.   

Part of what we do is also to ensure that nature’s curve balls and problems are eliminated so your tree’s health is never compromised. 

Pruning and tree trimming are two regular services we can provide ongoing which can be meaningful to your property for years. 

Your trees are paramount to the image of your immaculate looking plot of land. 

Enjoy the investment of caring for the trees and the enhancements they provide to your property.
You owe it to your home or business and yourself to sit down with us and discuss the options that are available to…

  • tree removal,
  • tree cutting,
  • property enhancement,
  • pruning and stump grinding…

…virtually whatever your property needs are.
We are the professionals of your region and committed to keeping your trees and shrubs at the top of our priorities.

Whether your organic goods have overgrown or those elegant shrubs need to be trimmed, make sure you get the most out of your home or business — one of, if not, the biggest of life investments — as you increase the value of it through simply removing fire blight or dead items and trimming the delightful beauty your property truly captures.

For your free instant quote, pick up the phone so we can take the next step and respond with your free instant quote. 
Don’t delay — Call us right away by clicking here: 586-619-8508

Hazards of D.I.Y. Tree Care in Warren MI 

Imagine finding yourself in a situation where your tree branches are extending over the road out front of your house and you end up in a position where branch tree trimming is required.  Maybe you are recovering from a fire and discover fire blight with a tree or shrub and are debating whether shrub removal, shrub trimming, removal or trimming are the best courses of action?

Tree Care in Warren MI is here to support you.

  • Some people don’t have good health or quality health care plans when they are home owners and don’t want to risk the time and energy investment when they could get hurt. 
  • Imagine climbing up wildlife by yourself and attempting to saw a large branch…
  • What are you holding on to while you find yourself several feet above the deck?  
  • Where is your safety line? 
  • How are you cutting the tree so it doesn’t fall on you, your belongings, or the hood of a car that is passing by? 
  • Is there someone assisting you by holding the ladder or your safety rope so you can utilize two hands?
  • Are you holding the branch that you are actually attempting to remove? 


Depending on the nature of what trees surround your home and/or neighborhood, there may be issues dealing with potential hazards. 

Nature can be cruel, including…

  • Canker
  • Bagworm
  • Oak Wilt
  • Girdling Roots
  • Over Saturation of resources

Not all plants are created equal…

From risk analysis to hedge trimming, tree removal, tree trimming, and other forms of tree care, you can take comfort in trusting our efforts since we also take everything with us when we are done. 


You read that correctly, and we’ll say it again… we clean up after ourselves and ensure the job is done when the mess is gone.

You can be assured that tree care of warren mi can step out of our comfort zone so you don’t have to; our modern processes and effective equipment will ensure you have the best service around… all from tree care in warren mi.

Whaddya Waiting On?

That Tree Won’t Care For Itself…

Call 586-619-8508 right now and mention this website, and we may end up tossing in a lil’ something…  Try it out!